To Bee or not to Bee

Oh so long it has been, I think the combination of  lacking in the memorization of the dream realm and the lacking of time set aside for writing has become taxing upon my Psyche. Exhaustion runs thicker than normal without the vent release valve. So here i am pressed for time and forcing myself to hurry along in this act, which only makes it more of an act rather than an expression Denying the sport of it all. Begun storming the path for Ultra Harvest unsure of whom to embody. leaning towards Morpheus, of Artemis/or Apollo. It would be fantastic if I could find an Apollo to my Artemis or vice versa There are also daydreams of Tara, but my current human cage prevents full embodiment so I may just hold off. I would love to be Raven. Also on the table is Cerridwen..who  is very interesting but ambiguous..This always proves to be a harder task than the original thought. Sadly the Ranches are unavailable. Barg and time has come to an end.. perhaps the activity wont quelch my ability when i  return home and we can get something of interest flowing here.

In the dream realm I had a fear moment. I had a large-very large hornet on my hand which was wrapped around it in a fist, I had been trying to pry the insect off of my hand but it was biting and stinging, so I began attempting to crush it, but my fist wasnt strong enough, and the stinging was becoming a large series of purple inflammations. The pain was intense, and I couldnt control my hand enough to kill the beast, I eventually slit the torso of the body which deflated in my hand and severed the head, but its stinging biting parts were stuck in my flesh and i had to meticulously attempt to remove them from the ever swelling purple mound, I awoke half crying in upset ness.


~ by alluscion on August 13, 2010.

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